Magic Noir

Magic Noir

By Aaron Chang Last week I went up to the mountains around Mammoth with a couple of friends and my son, Saxon to shoot photos of the Milky Way. And it almost didn’t happen, for a million different reasons… As the sun set, what I saw was so magnificent, it shook me to my core….

Art: Good for Healing, Good for Business


By Erika Chang Last spring, my husband was chosen to be the resident artist for the Scripps Hospital in Encinitas. The hospital was adding a wing and was looking for local artists to help create a healing environment. While working on the project, we learned a lot about the kinds of images conducive to healing….

Black Pearls by Aaron Chang

Abstract sunset photograph off the coast of Carlsbad

Have you ever done a little favor for someone that turns into something big? A client of ours asked that I photograph the view from their home. It’s something I truly NEVER do. As I was shooting their view, I saw this shot out of the corner of my eye. I think it’s my best…

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